Folder Navigator


An alternative and simple folder browser


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If you don't like Windows Explorer when you browse your files and you want to try a new one, this lite and easy to use navigator can be a good choice.

Although it doesn't offer you lots of options either an eye-catching menu,it's extremely easy to use and it features some customizable shortcuts on the left side of the browser.

Folder Navigator is an alternative, and it can be a good choice because it's fast and gives no problem when using it.

In fact it acts as a plugin for Windows Explorer because when you surf the folders you realize that the actual browser is Windows Explorer but you have those shortcuts on your left which will be really useful. If you want to add a button, uncheck the upper checkbox, then go to the folder and press the button where you want to put the shortcut. That's all, the next time you'll want to access that folder, just press the button.

Give it a try, it's free and it may be what you need.
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